General Objectives

A large portion of the population suffers from environmental pollution. For this reason the new science of environmental medicine has been established.

New and complex diseases need to be diagnosed and treated. The European Academy for Environmental Medicine is accompanying this process with the following primary objectives:

Promotion of

  • health education and training,
  • science and research,
  • the basic healthcare system,
  • preventive environmental protection.


In Europe the knowledge of theoretical and clinical environmental medicine will be developed and propagated for the benefit of both the individual and the public.

The European Academy for Environmental Medicine will focus on:

  • offering basic and advanced medical training,
  • particulary for physicians,
  • holding scientific conferences and related events,
  • advising institutions, organizations of healthcare systems and members of the corresponding professions,
  • publishing scientific studies and supporting public relations activities,
  • arranging and scientificaly accompanying research projects concerned with environmental medicine.

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