Clinical Environmental Medicine

Environmental Medicine (EM) is a discipline concerning the impact of environmental factors on individual health risks and common welfare. Clinical Environmental Medicine encompasses the medical care of persons with health complaints and medical findings which can be traced back to environmental factors. Read more about Clinical Environmental Medicine ...

To those who are interested in Clinical Environmental Medicine.

It goes on!

We continue the training for physicians in Clinical Environmental Medicine.

Meanwhile, general learning approaches more and more the demands of the increasingly digital and multimedia society. We have also modified the concept of education, from the previous class lectures to the modern blended learning.
For this reason, the implementation of the course was transferred to the scopro learning solutions GmbH.

Benefits include short and always repeatable learning units of 5-20 minutes each. Thus, one can make their own learning rhythm perfectly.

The blended learning course "Clinical Environmental Medicine" offers 160 hours of lessons and is divided into 10 blocks. Overall, the content of the curriculum spread over 8 blocks online (120 hours) and 2 blocks in presence (40 lessons). The online blocks are video presentations from experts in their field who exploit by vivid graphics and animations the medium optimally, specially designed for e-learning. All course units are kept short with approximately 5-20 minutes to allow a fast and intensive knowledge transfer.

In the blocks in presence typical cases are discussed, your own experiences are discussed interactively with tutors and theoretical approaches deepened through practical examples.

Additional benefits are a glossary, a bibliography, forum for discussion and a reference book of responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The European Academy for Clinical Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM) and the German Professional Association for Environmental Medicine (dbu) will finally testify the certification of the course.

The access to the blended learning Course in Clinical Environmental Medicine is independent from fixed dates and thus possible at any time.

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